About AIA24

AIA24 is a premier annual conference that celebrates multidisciplinary solutions from across the built environment and the power of designing a better world, together.

Conference attendees and Washington, D.C.

AIA Conference on Architecture & Design 2024

Uniting to solve today’s challenges

The most impactful, forward-thinking solutions result from a convergence of thought. Solving today’s environmental, social, and ethical challenges requires bringing together diverse perspectives across the multiple disciplines of the built environment.

Enter the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design (AIA24), happening June 5–8 in Washington, D.C., home to AIA’s new global campus, several AIA chapters, and some of the most influential architecture, design firms, and manufacturers in the world.

Every year, the AIA and AEC communities convene to network, share knowledge, and find solutions to design a better world. The conference fuses together industries, identities, skills, styles, and values, to establish a new multidisciplinary understanding of today’s most pressing issues. And it unites tradition and innovation, art and technology, form and function, old and new, and global and local to examine, educate, and find solutions.

Through networking, education, events, tours, and the industry’s largest expo, AIA24 fosters cross-industry collaborations and solutions between licensed architects, design professionals, associates, engineers, contractors, interior designers, landscape architects, firm owners, owners/clients, emerging professionals, and beyond to showcase the strength of the AEC industry.

Uniting toward better outcomes highlights the value in each other’s unique skill sets and positions architects, designers, engineers, and builders as leaders designing a better world, together.

AIA gives you a dynamic, ever-changing, infinite view into the world of architecture that informs you and makes your architecture better.
—Takashi Yanai, FAIA, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

Be a part of this defining AEC industry event! Connect with your peers and lend your voice and expertise to design a better world.



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