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Nowhere else lets you connect with—and sell to—such a sizable population of qualified leads. Increase your brand visibility, showcase your commitment to diversity, and build lasting, strategic partnerships with a sponsorship package at AIA24. Browse sponsorship options below or talk to us about creating a custom experience that meets your goals.

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Keynote session  $150,000
Get premier visibility for your brand by sponsoring one of the top drivers of conference registration. Keynotes are the best-attended conference sessions, giving you massive exposure to all attendees.

Learning Lounge  $45,000 Sold out!
A two-day, eight-session exclusive learning experience located on the show floor focused on new learnings and knowledge sharing. Must be a current AIA continuing education subscription provider.

Pro-Series Session Sponsor  $25,000 (6 available)
Elevate your brand’s thought leadership and visibility by sponsoring a Pro-Series session! As a sponsor, you have the exclusive opportunity to choose from a selection of industry-related session topics. While not a speaking role, your brand will enjoy high visibility within the session room, showcasing your company’s thought leadership to a targeted audience. This strategic sponsorship offers a unique platform to position your brand as an industry influencer and make a lasting impact on attendees.

Rapid fire session  $7,500–$15,000
A series of dynamic 15-30 minute presentations where speakers share new ideas, insights, and innovations in quick succession. Supporting these sessions positions your brand as a driving force behind cutting-edge discussions.

CE theater  $5,000
Present an education session in one of the five CE theaters on the show floor. Must be a current AIA Continuing Education Subscription provider.

AIA Awards Gala
Sponsor a night with architecture’s stars at AIA’s highly anticipated Awards Gala. For the first time, AIA is revealing project-based award winners at a red carpet-style celebration and celebrating all award winners, including the new AIA Fellows, at one inclusive event. Attach your brand to this historic event!

Additional sponsorship levels:

  • Presenting Sponsor $125,000 Sold out!
  • Supporting Sponsor (3) $30,000 Sold out!
  • Table Sponsors (20) $5,000

AIA Awards Gala After-Party  $40,000
This after-party is also a first! Sponsor the after-party to keep the celebrations going for attendees. The event includes networking, dancing, dessert, and open bar, and prominent visibility for your company logo in signage, promotional materials, and the website.

Opening Night Reception  $130,000
Celebrate the end of opening day with a highly-attended reception. As the exclusive sponsor, you will be given the opportunity to welcome everyone with a short message.

Expo kickoff  $30,000
Make an immediate impression on attendees with an engaging AIA24 Expo opening. It’s an opportunity to position your brand as a central figure in the expo’s success, increasing brand visibility, industry influence, and meaningful connections.

NextGen Lounge  $25,000
An opportunity to enhance your brand’s reputation as a supporter of talent development. Sponsor the NextGen Lounge where emerging professionals will participate in career workshops, portfolio reviews, and mentorship.

Architecture tours  $20,000 Sold out!
Tours offer attendees an unforgettable journey through the architectural achievements that define Washington D.C. Your brand will be prominently featured during the guided tours, which are consistently among the most popular conference events.

LGBTQ+ event  $20,000 Sold out!
Sponsor the LGBTQ+ Happy Hour—an inclusive, fun event to close out a busy conference day—and amplify your presence within the LGBTQ+ community.

Women in Design Luncheon  $20,000 Sold out!
A high-attendance event, recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women in architecture. Your sponsorship will help foster meaningful connections and conversations and position your brand as a supporter of women in design.

Women in Leadership Mixer  $20,000
As a sponsor, you will foster an environment of networking that will help women architects meet, mingle, and connect or find a mentor or mentee. This opportunity is a fun and engaging way for your brand to connect with a specific audience and create a memorable experience.

Surprise & delight  $15,000
Deliver unexpected moments of joy from ice cream pop-ups to Glambot photo ops. Orchestrate fun, quick events to surprise attendees while generating positive associations and social media buzz.

Women in Leadership Swag Bag  $12,500 Sold out!
Swag bags are more than just goodie bags—they’re a tangible connection between your brand and enthusiastic event participants. Get your product or promotional item directly in the hands of attendees for long-term exposure.

Open studios  $10,000
New! Showcase your products or services to a targeted audience of potential clients and attendees. This is your opportunity to present a guided tour of your office building—highlighting its design, amenities, and innovative features.

Lanyards  $55,000 Sold out!
Every attendee will receive a high-quality lanyard with your brand imprinted on it. An exclusive opportunity to have your brand noticed throughout the conference.

Hotel shuttle bus  $50,000
Showcase your brand around Washington, D.C., and to every attendee who rides the AIA24 shuttle buses. Your logo will be featured on on-site signage, shuttle bus signs at the pick-up and drop-off locations, hotel shuttle signage, and custom shuttle wraps on the right side of the buses.

Attendee registration  $35,000
Get your brand in front of every conference attendee with an exclusive registration sponsorship that welcomes attendees on-site.

Hotel key cards  $30,000
Put your brand on the hotel key card of every AIA24 attendee. Elevate your brand visibility and recognition with an item in almost everyone’s pocket.

Expo map  $30,000
Your logo will be featured on all AIA24 Expo maps, ensuring every attendee navigates with your brand in mind. Expo maps are constantly used by the 15,000+ attendees over the two-day event.

Hotel room drops  $25,000
New! Provide a warm and personalized welcome to event attendees directly in their hotel rooms. Sponsored items, such as welcome notes, branded gifts, or useful materials, will be waiting for attendees upon their arrival.

Attendee badge & confirmation emails (back)  $20,000 Sold out!
Reach every attendee, every conference day, every time they use their attendee badge. This sponsorship gives you continuous brand exposure by displaying your logo on the reverse side of all attendee badges.

Reusable water bottle rights fee  $20,000
Another branded keepsake swag item, the branded water bottle will keep attendees hydrated on-site and at home, where it will be part of their daily lives for long-term, continuous brand exposure.

AIA Store  $20,000
Take advantage of one of the busiest, most popular, high-traffic areas of the conference—sponsor the AIA Store.

Ambassador t-shirts  $20,000 Sold out!
Showcase your brand on 800+ volunteer t-shirts, worn daily during the conference.

Expo floor entrance graphic  $15,000
Strengthen your brand awareness in a high-traffic, high-visibility area with a custom floor graphic.

Free standing signage  $3,500
Promote your brand, product, or activation with a 3’x 8’ double-sided, free-standing meter board sign placed in public space. Available to sponsors with an AIA24 sponsorship greater than $10,000.

Expo main aisle floor stickers  $3,500
Showcase your brand in a high-traffic, high-visibility area with custom floor stickers that assist with attendee wayfinding. Available to sponsors with an AIA24 sponsorship greater than $10,000.

Floor graphic 8×8 (set of 1)  $3,000
Get your brand noticed with an 8’ x 8’ custom floor graphic (set of 1). Available to sponsors with an AIA24 sponsorship greater than $10,000.

Wi-Fi sponsor exclusive  $40,000
Help attendees stay connected at AIA24 by sponsoring the Wi-Fi network. This exclusive sponsorship lets you customize the Wi-Fi sign-in page and password and displays your company’s name on signage throughout the event space.

Mobile app sponsor  $35,000
Conference attendees rely on the app multiple times daily to view their schedules, find exhibitors, and more. Your brand will welcome them to the event every time they open the app and banner ads will reinforce awareness.

Digital signage  $17,500–$30,000
High-impact digital signage in the registration area. : 30-second video image or static ads.

Charging stations  $17,500
Help attendees keep their phones and other electronic devices charged up and ready to go throughout the conference.

Rotating kiosk  $15,000
Get full digital promotion in high-traffic areas with a lighted kiosks. Sponsor a single side or opt to sponsor all three for increased exposure.

Relax & recharge Lounge  $40,000
Everyone loves chair massages. Provide attendees with a little respite from their feet and show them you’re committed to their well-being.

AR/VR experience  $40,000
Showcase your products and services with the latest augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) technology. Create a lasting impression while demonstrating your brand’s technological commitment.

Puppy Park  $30,000
Support a great cause that also brings adorable fun to the Expo floor. AIA is partnering with a local adoption shelter to offer puppy playtime with local adoptable pups! As a sponsor, your brand will be recognized at the puppy park and in event materials.

Headshot Lounge  $25,000
Help attendees get a professional headshot or a fun photo that documents their AIA24 experience. It’s a great opportunity to place your brand in front of architecture’s next generation. Signage, push notifications, and custom emails are included with this sponsorship.

Grand Prize Drawing  $15,000
Announce the three grand prize winners of the booth-to-booth traffic driver live from your expo booth. Build excitement around your brand while capturing the full attention of the live expo audience. A minimum booth size of 20×20 is required.

Custom email blast  $7,500
Reach a highly engaged registered attendee audience with your custom message. Includes HTML, subject line, and sender name. Sent by an AIA third-party mail house.

Programmatic/retargeting ads  $4,500
Increase visibility for your brand and generate click-throughs, purchases, and leads through banner ads that target registered attendees. Options are available for ads both before and after the event.

Booth-to-booth traffic driver (20 max)  $3,500
Drive new opportunities to your booth by participating in this traffic driver. Attendees are rewarded with prize giveaways for engaging with participating exhibitors.

Mobile app push notification  $3,000
Reach attendees with your custom message at strategic times during the day through the mobile app. Available placements include a banner, notification, and message board.

Sample Gallery $3,000
Get up to 10 product samples in front of architectural decision-makers at one of the hottest destinations on the expo floor, the AIA Sample Gallery. Powered by Swatchbox, the Sample Gallery lets attendees order your material samples, for free.

Direct mail attendee list rental  $1,000
Reach attendees before or after AIA24 through direct mail. Our list gives you direct mail access to the specifiers and decision-makers attending the event. Send your promotional material in advance or follow-up post-event to ensure your brand stays top of mind.

*For sponsorships below $25,000, it is required to maintain an exhibit booth on the show floor.

**Exhibitors have the option to enhance their expo visibility with “add-on” promotional items.



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